Selling your books – two great resources

7 thoughts on “Selling your books – two great resources”

  1. Hi Ali! Your post came into my inbox this morning and I started reading it with great interest – then I was bowled over to see your mention of my How To Party Online ebook and its online launch party a couple of days ago. Thanks very much for your comments and observations in this interesting look at book marketing and also for attending my parties. Party on!


  2. Ali, thank you so much for this review – a lovely surprise in my inbox just now! I agree with you that an index would be a great addition – I thought of that only after it had been published and was trying to find something in there myself!! There’s quite a lot about social media on my Off The Shelf Book Promotions blog, by the way, which is a useful supplement to Sell Your Books!

    Looking forward now to reading all about Janice’s online parties – and to reading A Kettle of Fish on my holiday in Scotland too!

    Best wishes, Debbie


    1. Hi Janice and Debbie – so sorry, I thought I had replied earlier but still suffering from some techie gremlins in these parts (manic laughter ensues). It was a pleasure to review your books. I’m sure lots of people will find them useful. enjoy your holiday Debbie – you might even bump into Janice north of the border! Ali B


  3. I haven’t seen Debbie’s book but will look it up – it sounds like it will be very informative! I can vouch for Janice’s as I used it to host my own FB party for the launch of my last book. It is only ongoing promotion that will help a new author continue to get sales, Debbie is so right there! Great post, Ali, thank you.


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