A Kettle of Fish

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A Kettle of Fish is a coming-of-age novel set in Scotland about a girl who falls for a fishmonger, when what she really needs to do is sort out her family’s fishy past.

 It was published in 2013  by Thornberry Publishing and is available  on Amazon UK and Amazon USA in Kindle format price £1.99.

The paperback is available online and from all good bookshops, price £8.99 ISBN 9781781768624

What reviewers have said:

‘A rollercoaster family drama’, ‘Harsh, gritty, lyrical… I couldn’t put it down.’

‘I loved loved loved this novel and would absolutely recommend you read it.’

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More about the book:

Ailsa is eighteen but saddled with looking after her mother, Lorraine, who suffers from some kind of illness no doctor can put a name to. To make matters worse, Lorraine has appropriated the front room for the unsavoury business of removing unwanted hair. Then there’s the stigma of  Ailsa’s Dad Tom, who left home years ago for reasons Ailsa has never understood, mainly because Lorraine refuses to tell her.

Ailsa needs a passport to freedom and her first choice is Ian, son of a local fishmonger. He is happy to assist Ailsa in her quest to lose her virginity and to take her to her favourite sea-side haunts. But after one trip too many down memory lane, facts come to light that give off a very bad smell indeed. Ian is soon on borrowed time and Ailsa starts to look around: man-about-town Andy is easy on the eye, but knows way too much about Ailsa’s family; photography student Danny is already spoken for – by Ailsa’s best friend. That leaves Shane. He’s far too old and the job he’s offering is unlikely to end at five o-clock, but now that Ailsa has cut the strings that bound her to Lorraine, where else is she going to find a bed for the night?

 A Kettle of Fish  moves from the towns and fishing ports of East Fife to the fringes of the Edinburgh art world, where Ailsa casts her net for the truth about Tom, only to land stories that get fishier all the time.



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