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Welcome to a writer’s website

I was born and brought up in Dunfermline (made famous by Sir Patrick Spens, Andrew Carnegie, Moira Shearer and  Nazareth)  and studied classics at St. Andrews University.  I then spent time in Oxford and London before  moving here to Bristol.

Since then my accent has almost worn off, but I remain a Scot at heart, particularly during big sporting moments or when the English language fails to provide a word as vivid as dreich or scunner.

My first career was in university and college libraries but before that came to an end I had decided it was time to make a start on my ambition to be writer, or rather a novelist. All I needed was an idea for a book, which turned up during a visit to France in 2003 and I penned (or pencilled) the opening scenes during the ferry crossing home. When I finally finished A New History of Love, I was thrilled to be a prize-winner in the  A&C Black 2006 First Novel Competition. Maybe a publisher was too much to expect! By  2012 I completed A Kettle of Fish (Thornberry Publishing) and was beginning to have some success with short stories too. Since then I have been totally wrapped up in my first venture into historical fiction and am delighted that In the Blink of an Eye, my fictional account of the iconic photographic partnership of D. O. Hill and Robert Adamson will be out next year with Linen Press.

You’ll find news of my writing, reading and performing on this site, and you can find me most days on Facebook or Twitter.

Thanks for visiting and Haste ye back!


10 thoughts on “About me”

  1. Pleased to have found your site. Yes I was at St Andrews 1976 – 80 and emerged, with considerable lack of originality with a boyfriend I later married! Actually we did the same subjects as Prince William and KM. Will read more and think of something to contribute. Have so far not managed to persuade any of our four children to follow in our footsteps! Best, Alison

  2. Hi Alison, how nice to meet you.
    I also achieved the degree/boyfriend/husband set at St. Andrews but even earlier (70-74). Conceived the other blog in a nostalgia moment at the time of The Wedding but have become side-tracked. I think it could be fun to revive it, especially if others chip in.
    a bientot?

    1. Hello Mary and thanks for visiting. I’m currently tackling historical fiction and need all the tips I can get! Ali B

  3. Hello! I was at St Andrews, 1977-1981! Medieval History! Does the writing group still meet? I moved to the S. Glos last August and feel the need to get out and meet people! Debut novella is being published at the end of June. Nervous about marketing! Cheers Van

    1. Hello Van and thanks for your message. Do you want to drop me an email to amrbacon at aol dot com and I’ll send you more info on a couple of groups I’m involved with?

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