Carte Blanche

Okay, so it’s a long time since any of De Scudery’s works were in copyright, but the librarian in me has never been happy about displaying this image of the Carte de Tendre* even though it’s widely available on the net. Who does an image like this belong to, after all? This week, however, I discovered it’s … Continue reading Carte Blanche

A Wiki called Culture

Google Alerts service continues to throw up the odd item of interest for my Carte de Tendre search. This week it was an entry on Jahsonic, a cross cultural blog, which seems to focus particularly on the erotic or downright sexual. The author tells us that the map is seen as a representation of the … Continue reading A Wiki called Culture

Places and Spaces

More wanderings on the web this week. A while ago I signed up for Google Alerts, a good way of finding new stuff on the web. My alert for Carte de Tendre usually throws up sites on a French folk singer, but this week I found myself being notified of my own post – something I found sadly gratifying! But … Continue reading Places and Spaces