Snow is falling – special offer on A Kettle of Fish

Our tree is up and my shopping is (nearly) done! ¬†So to celebrate, I thought I could help you out with yours – ūüôā

Signed by the author (that's me)
Signed by the author (that’s me)

So, if you order ¬†A Kettle of Fish (and even if it’s a while since it come out, as far as I know, books do not go off or lose their appeal due to the passing of a few calendar months) ¬†from a well-known online retailer and have to pay postage,¬†¬†it will cost you ¬£8.99 + ¬£3 – a painful ¬£11.99*.
But hey, it just so happens I have some right here.
If you ask me to post you a copy, I will charge the you the same  Р£8.99 Рand include the postage. 

Or if you happen to be someone who sees me or can call in, the price is £7.50.

There’s¬†more about the book here and it had lots of nice Amazon reviews.

This tree is bigger than it looks

And yes, it is still available on Kindle Рthis week at a paltry £1.15!
You can also order the paperback from booksellers, I just thought I might save you the trouble of going anywhere or doing anything other than contacting me here or via social media (Facebook or Twitter @AliBacon) to set things in motion.

Offer ends Friday 16th by the way.


Snow courtesy of!


* Of course if you are on an Amazon package or have a bigger order¬†postage won’t¬†apply. I’m just helping out anybody like me who only ever seems to order books one at a time, or who would like a signed copy!