The audience is out there

It’s been a while since I wrote my Twitter profile (go on, read it), but it’s one I’m still quite happy with, at least until this week, when a perceptive follower (thanks Derek!) asked what the ‘breakthrough moment’ it mentions would actually look like to me.  My first reaction was to reply ‘a book deal’ because … Continue reading The audience is out there

Get Writing 2: the pitch

Picture this. One room containing five (I think it was five) publishers, editors  or agents, each seated at a school desk.  At a distance of some 10 metres from them, five queues,  each containing ten jittery wannabees (apologies to anyone there who was way beyond wannabee status) making nervous jokes and mentally rehearsing what they might cram into three short … Continue reading Get Writing 2: the pitch

A blog by any other name

When I read this post on the Futurebook blog recommending all authors get the social media habit, it simply confirmed my own beliefs that an aspiring novelist really has to get out there.  It came up again at a writers’ evening where a friend who has just signed a deal for a genre novel  told us that she is expected … Continue reading A blog by any other name


As a writer, it’s easy to be seduced by those stories of instant success into thinking that there are short-cuts to the holy grail of getting published, and I have to thank people like Jane Smith (check out her  nice new website) and Sally Zigmond for reminding me that even in this techno whizzy age the traditional … Continue reading Mythbuster