From @fourteenlocks to @RomanCaerleon: several centuries in one day #overthebridgetowales

I’ve always been aware that there were Roman remains at Caerleon but somehow never managed to get there, so when I heard about a day out in South Wales with Bristol Bloggers which combined Caerleon with a canal walk, I jumped at the chance, and if the weather forecast wasn’t the best, all ten of … Continue reading From @fourteenlocks to @RomanCaerleon: several centuries in one day #overthebridgetowales

Fry’s Chocolate Dream

Sweets and chocolate bars must be as  evocative of past times as smells or music. One of the first errands I ever ran was when my granny sent me for a bar of ‘Caddy Pep’(Cadbury’s Peppermint Cream) and my vocabulary was given an early boost by all those long words experienced by Fry’s Five Boys.  … Continue reading Fry’s Chocolate Dream