The Joy of Being Edited – and a festival in St Andrews

Amongst the many delights of signing with Linen Press has been the unexpected joy of having an editor. I’ve been in more than one writing critique group and learned lots from writing workshops, so I consider myself quite a good self-editor, but having lived with Blink for several years and in multiple versions, I hadn’t … Continue reading The Joy of Being Edited – and a festival in St Andrews

Worth celebrating

Since the lovely people at Leaf Books have seen fit to commend me for my ‘short travel writing’ piece submitted in August, it seems only fair to celebrate Kilcreggan , the obscure but enchanting place where it began. To go next to the article when it’s published in Issue 3 of their magazine, Leaf would also like me to submit a further … Continue reading Worth celebrating

High roads and low roads

In a summer that is coming to be known for frequent journeys – planned and otherwise – I was diverted in a rare quiet moment to pick up a Google alert that took me to Douglas Galbi’s blog and this entry in particular. DG treats us to a tour of ‘long-winded’ writers beginning with M. de … Continue reading High roads and low roads