1 year on, or is it 600?

It’s spring again (well April anyway) and we (that’s me and Mr. B. ) have just celebrated our anniversary. We met, as so many couples do, at uni, including  the rather more famous royals who sauntered up the aisle almost a year ago. Which was one of the things that prompted me  to take a bit of a … Continue reading 1 year on, or is it 600?

B is for … Brewster

Sir David Brewster photographed by Hill and Adamson Today the St. Andrews trip goes a long way back in time, in fact to 1838, when Sir David Brewster arrived to be Principal of  St. Andrews University. By this time Brewster, originally trained in theology, was already an eminent man of science who had become famous chiefly … Continue reading B is for … Brewster

An Alumnus Chronicle

St. Andrews,  clinging to the edge of the Fife coast, is an oddity in so many ways.   With a skyline to die for and a wind you just want to avoid,  it’s  overrun for most of the year by students and for the rest of the time by those  who come to worship at the  mecca of golf.  And yet despite … Continue reading An Alumnus Chronicle