Going fishing

Look very carefully and you’ll see a tiny frog in this picture, spotted in the gorgeous Krka National Park in Croatia.  I’m guessing he could be on a fishing trip, but what about me? I’ve always felt a good title is a clincher for any piece of writing. I have at least two short stories … Continue reading Going fishing

Could do better

I worked too long in academia for September not to feel like the start of a new year of work, and although we are still in August, two things happened recently to make me look back and take stock of where I am with my writing.  First of all I was fascinated to read on Scottish writer  Catherine … Continue reading Could do better

Pitch Parlour

When Miss Pitch asked for romantic novels, I couldn’t resist submitting Bel and Alec to Pitch Parlour. Comments are already flooding in, and quite a few are positive.  Should I give my star-crossed lovers another outing to the publishing world? I only wished I had checked the text I lazily lifted from another file more … Continue reading Pitch Parlour