Get Writing 2: the pitch

Picture this. One room containing five (I think it was five) publishers, editors  or agents, each seated at a school desk.  At a distance of some 10 metres from them, five queues,  each containing ten jittery wannabees (apologies to anyone there who was way beyond wannabee status) making nervous jokes and mentally rehearsing what they might cram into three short … Continue reading Get Writing 2: the pitch

Get Writing 1: the prize

Interrupting my current musings/rants on blogging to report on a Grand Day Out provided by Get Writing Conference 2011 and  to say that my efforts to get there (2hrs 40 mins in never-ending downpour) were rewarded with an extremely well-organised day, some excellent speakers, and (roll of drums) – third prize in the short story competition. When this … Continue reading Get Writing 1: the prize