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2 thoughts on “Your Comments”

  1. The website is attractive and easy to navigate EXCEPT THAT it took me a minute or two to realise that I should click on ‘no comments yet..’ (rather than ‘comments’ which took me to a strange link page).
    I’m interested in Alex and Julia (and Isobel) in this opening section – and I want to read more. And you’ve evoked the atmosphere and situation very economically.
    OK I’ll come clean to anyone reading this comment – I’ve met Ali and read an alternative opening chapter which I prefered so for those out there who have enjoyed the one on the website ask if you can see the other opening!

    Good luck with the novel as a whole – it deserves a wider readership.


  2. Hi Nicola
    Thanks for visiting. Yes, I can see the comments page is a bit confusing, so hope it doesn’t put others off!
    Re the opening, I think you are right and I’ll probably post the alternative shortly!



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