The published and the damned

2 thoughts on “The published and the damned”

  1. Just to clarify: I’m not against self-publishing at all. Just so long as it truly represents the best option for the writer and the book concerned. So often I’ve seen naive writers self-publish (or vanity publish) without fully investigating commercial publishing, and without realising that the sales of self-published books are so low compared to that commercial option.

    Add to that the truly awful quality of the majority of self-published books, which are usually produced without capable editing and design, and you’ll perhaps understand why I take the stance that I do.

    I’ve not even begun to discuss the marketing and sales work that self-publishing requires to make any decent levels of sales at all, which turns writers into sales people, and stops them writing….

    I am very firmly set against vanity publishing, however, as it’s highly expensive, some of the business practices involved can border on fraudulent, and it doesn’t give results which are any better than self-publishing.

    A lot of that is explained a little more fluently on my blog. But to summarise, self-publishing is sometimes the best option. But so long as the writer fully understands the limitations and implications of taking that route–and has a good enough book to start off with.

    And now I’ve ranted, thanks for linking to my blog–it’s very kind of you. I shall watch you, now, and look forward to your posts.


  2. Jane
    Thanks for taking the time to reply. As to vanity publishing – your post on the real Lorna Page story is particularly illuminating. And I thought it was the young and glamorous who got media coverage!!


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