Long and Short (2)

4 thoughts on “Long and Short (2)”

  1. Yup, I’ve found novels impossible. Tried several times, but I seem to be a short guy.

    Over the last year or so I’ve moved into non-fic, and the sad truth seems to be that fiction puts less bread on the table than non-fic – be it short or long.


  2. John, thanks for visiting. Remember reading your stuff on ‘craft’ a long time ago – very useful for a complete beginner.
    Sorry the novels didn’t work out, but those words ‘bread’ and ‘table’ sound good to me!


  3. I dont think I could ever write short stories I always find that I have drastically over written. i wince at every word lost its almost painful.When I was a child in grade school when the teacher would say we were to write an essay I was always excited.The thing that bothered me was that more couldnt be done.I would turn in, on a 1 page assignment 6 or more well worked over pages LOL Regardless I aced that class.


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