Corduroy challenge

2 thoughts on “Corduroy challenge”

  1. I admire your integrity.

    I think that the internet is providing a useful medium for writers to publicise their work and to make direct contact with their readers but I don’t think it works as an alternative form of publishing. It will be interesting to see the outcome of the ‘Corduroy Mansions’ experiment. I tried listening to it and reading instalments but gave up on both, deciding to wait for the book to be published. Many of my book-loving friends made the same decision.

    With the possible exception of AMS, I think that on-line publishing will prove to be an alternative to vanity publishing. I’m sure that you are right to wait for the right publishing deal. Good luck.


  2. Thanks!
    I think a lot of people avoid publishing online for fear of having work ‘stolen’. I think this is actually unlikely for an unpublished novelist and I have put excerpts up at various times and in various places, but not the whole novel. Have just started reading CM myself, but don’t much like reading from screen and haven’t sorted myself out with portable audio.


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