Greyling Bay

4 thoughts on “Greyling Bay”

  1. Thank you for the link back to Greyling Bay–I’ve only just found it, and I’m most appreciative.

    I didn’t tip anyone off prior to the blog going live (how pretentious does THAT sound?): and like you, I’m amazed by the quality and speed of the submissions I’ve received so far.

    I’ve got a few more pieces to go up, but could still do with a few more contributions, if anyone would care to have a go.


  2. What a lovely website you have–I can feel the warmth of a roaring log fire and a small tot of fine single malt!

    I myself discovered Greyling Bay just after it was launched, and am delighted to have had a couple of pieces published there. I don’t usually produce things in such a short time, but my character, Bob, was just bursting to make an appearance somewhere.

    I notice you’ve now appeared in the ‘contributors’ list–I’m looking forward to reading your story there.



    1. Peter
      Thanks for dropping by. Yes, I see our names are linked on G.B. I particularly liked Bob’s second appearance, by the way. My contribution was something which, like you , I wanted to find a place for, although I’m not sure if the characters will go any further. Think it’s ‘due out’ this weekend.


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