The colour of money

4 thoughts on “The colour of money”

  1. It’s sad that Cadenza is closing: I always thought it was good, especially after I won a small prize from the magazine a few years ago.

    I’m glad you like Greyling Bay so much: I could do with a few more submissions, so if you could spread the word I’d be grateful.


    1. Jane
      I have tried to drum you up a bit of business, though don’t know if it will bear fruit. I agree with your observation abut ‘lightening up’ the bay – always a problem in flash or short story territory.


  2. It;s always sad when good magazines go to the wall but unfortunately when I gave up meaningful employment, I had to stop subscribing to most of the magazines I once supported, inclusing Cadenza. It was a difficult decision.

    The Yellow Room will keep going, I hope, as long as people subscribe and become more active. A little bird tells me that the editor is short on feedback about ther stories in issue one.


  3. Hi Sally – I did send Jo some feedback on Issue 1 (some v. enjoyable stories, including yours!) and I’ve been trying to publicise wherever I can. Fingers crossed!


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