Living and giving

6 thoughts on “Living and giving”

  1. Hello. I thought MAry Portas was firm but spot on about a number of issuess regarding Charity Shops. I also think a lot of what she mentioned was common sense. Shame that the guy who she put in temporary charge buckled, Graham was it? He could have done a good job.
    I enjoy charity shopping myself and now am waitnig for the influence of the series to be seen in the shops i visit. We’ll see I guess…


  2. There was an article on the BBC website a long time ago about how some charity shops are becoming much more professional, especially about their ability to price stuff up. They were especially interested in the old vinyl that people were donating having no longer got suitable equipment to play it on. A knowledgeable employee with access to the internet was checking everything to see if it was actually valuable and then sending it to a central repository where they auctioned it on eBay. Can’t find the original article now, but I did find this one about books in charity shops:


  3. I enjoyed this article but I am not convinced about Mary Queen of Charity Shops. The reason I love charity shops is because you can find a treasure amongst the tat. When these shops become popular I think the quality will drop and they will become more like generic high street shops. I agree something needs to be done but I’m not sure this sexing up is the best way forward.


    1. Hi and thanks for visiting
      I know what you mean. The ‘sexing up’ does go against some instincts. But I do think shopper should be prepared to pay a price that goes at leasrt some way to reflecting value, bearing in mind it will still be a bargain. Apparently the other ongoing problem is that more people are buying cheap imported new clothes which don’t wear well and have no resale potential.



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