Wanted: old box for new buttons

4 thoughts on “Wanted: old box for new buttons”

  1. Ali
    What a lot of memories you have stirred. I think every family had a treasured button box, my sister inherited ours which, like yours, was an old sweetie tin. It was a great treat to be allowed to play with the contents. Now I must go and find a suitable tin to put my buttons in for my grandchildren to play with.


  2. Of course these days there’s probably an EU directive banning such things. Sealing wax is probably toxic and I’m sure I used to prick myself on the odd broken pin. A bit of danger was all part of the fun! BTW this is probably the first thing I have done on behalf of my future grandchildren. Is it an omen?


  3. In Muscatine, Iowa (USA) there is a pearl button museum. Muscatine is along the Missouri River, and a certain shellfish grew well there, leading to a button industry made from the shells. Shell buttons have a feel to them that is altogether different from modern buttons.


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