World View

4 thoughts on “World View”

  1. I’ve been reading a Terry Pratchett book, so I’d probably vote for Discworld right now. The Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy version of Islington, meeting Fenchurch would do me too.

    And obviously I’d be one of the brave souls going for Pride and Prejudice, if only to sit and talk to Mr Bennet and Elizabeth…


  2. Never have tackled Pratchett – for some reason skipped my and family’s generation. I suppose books set in worlds without challenges would be quite dull.


  3. I thought of another one over the weekend. Jasper Fforde’s Literary Detective series featuring Thursday Next would be great, but only if you were one of those people who could ‘jump’ into books.

    I love them, but Dorothy found them a bit to twee.



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