Fair Trade?

3 thoughts on “Fair Trade?”

  1. You have identified all the pitfalls of modern shopping superbly. I used to buy all my fruit and veg from Riverford – excellent organic stuff delivered to my door but then I heard our local farmers were struggling so I cancelled my regular order and now shop locally. I felt better about cutting down on the delivery miles and helping the local economy but bad about withdrawing support from such a good organisation. You just can’t win!

    I’m glad you didn’t need the new specs and hope you’ll spend all that money you saved on lots of frivolous treats.


    1. Maureen – so glad you agree, but I don’t think my frivolous tendencies need much encouragement! AliB


  2. they’ve even brought back the monocle…SWEET!!! There is also keen virtual try on option to see how you actually look in each frame yourself. See below for my tryons


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