Expecting guests

5 thoughts on “Expecting guests”

  1. Not at all certain that I have got the right place to ask a question – I’d like to know more about the way Jon’s writers’ circle functions (and I wonder if anyone there knew the wonderful Frank Ferneyhough – my very first writing teacher way back in 1976, thanks to whom I got my first article published and a piece recorded for Women’s Hour). How many members? Are membership numbers restricted? How often do members get MSS critiqued? Is there a cost for membership? Is there a cost for workshops? In short, what gives the circle its dynamic? And what does he value most about his Writers’ Circle. Soryy, that’s a bit more than one question.


    1. Gulp. Lots of questions and a very small keyboard (I’m on a train!) But here goes … There are still a few who remember Frank F – that’s a name from the past! I think we’ve got around 40 members at present. No restrictions at the moment. I think I’ve answered the critique question on the interview post. If not let me know and I’ll have another go. Cost is (I think) £35 a year. Dynamic is in the mix of people and the mix of activities and also the fact that we all take our writing seriously whilst retaining a sense of fun as well.


  2. Quick follow-up, having been to our AGM yesterday …

    Correction, membership is £36 per year.

    Other important things that give the circle its dynamic: mix of sexes (roughly 50-50, which I suspect is quite unusual), mix of ages (17 to 70ish), strong web presence (I didn’t mention our online forum, “virtual manuscript evening” and blog at http://www.ifshakespeare.co.uk) and boundless ambition.


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