Past imperfect?

2 thoughts on “Past imperfect?”

  1. Hi Ali,
    I’ve only just noticed this post! Did you get a chance to read any of the Booker shortlist?
    Having outlined as much as I want to I’m now teetering on the brink of beginning the actual writing of my second novel. I’m really debating with myself over POV! But it won’t be FPPT (not because I’ve changed my mind, but because this new book doesn’t call for it). It feels quite daunting though, making the change!


    1. Hi Claire
      No (blush!) still haven’t tackled any of the MB books I’m afraid, althought the book I just read, And the Land Lay Still, does have some passages in present tense. Being a long book with lots of voices and POVs, the PT is unobtrusive and helps delineate particular sections, I think. My own second novel has been going through another edit. It has now moved from first person to third and back again to first. Sometimes you have to go with gut instinct. Good luck with next project – is it will keep an eye on your blog/tweets for hints of what it’s about!


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