Short Story Time

3 thoughts on “Short Story Time”

  1. Ali, after the week, 21st December is National Short Story Day, which promises to be a great time to find new examples and celebrate this wonderful form. We’re having an event to celebrate in Oxford (we’re holding a read-in at my favourite bookstore, the Albion Beatnik) and there are others around the country you can find on their website
    Can’t recommend Tania’s collection highly enough – I hope Santa is kind!
    I’m bringing out a series of 1 story ultra-short pamphlets with work from my favourite writers, one story per issue, at 30p a copy that’ll be stocked locally in Oxford. You’ve put your finger on something very important – there is a real demand for great short stories, but as a genre the short story’s presence is very much skewed to the internet, which makes them tricky to read. We need to think of imaginative ways around that


  2. Hi Dan
    Good to hear from you again. Oxford a bit far for me, but happy to spread the word. I think there are new technology approaches (e-readers, i-phones?) that really will help short stories. Surprised more not available as audio – or maybe I’m just not looking in the right place.


  3. You’re right – there really should be more audio short stories available. I think part of the problem is that even though the length is perfect, you still need good quality recording equipment to make it listenable to. It can’t be long though before people are downloading stories from iTunes just like they are songs.


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