If you have been affected ..

5 thoughts on “If you have been affected ..”

  1. I agree with your take on Eastenders and Corrie (don’t listen to the Archers). Don’t usually watch either soap, but as it was Corrie’s anniversary and nostalgia kicked in (plus everyone at work was talking about it), I gave it a go. Gave up halfway through the “live” week as the whole thing was just too depressing.

    As for Eastenders, well, even as a fiction writer I find it hard to believe that a young mum could wander around a busy square where everyone habitually sticks their nose into other people’s business, dressed in a nightdress with a day-old baby, without being challenged by someone. And that another day old baby is left completely alone at the very moment that character arrives to swap babies. Please.

    Perhaps they should change the message at the end of the programme to “If you have been affected by media affective disorder please contact….”


  2. I had confidently predicted that David was going to shoot someone nicking the hay from his barn and get done for manslaughter. So, as they haven’t gone down that route, I think he ought to get done for manslaughter anyway as it was obviously David’s fault Nigel fell.

    I agree with you about the disabled Nigel route – and so much more educational than all this grieving.

    BTW thrilled to bits to hear Jean’s news – so exciting!


    1. Ah, David’s fault, but apparently Kenton’s idea to have the thing up there. May still restart the old Elizabeth David feud?.
      Totally brill about Jean – well-deserved – and gives all of us hope!


  3. I’m not a fan of the soaps and the main reason is their continually depressing story lines. Last night on the Comedy Awards Jonathan Ross used the phrase ‘worse than an Eastender’s Christmas’ and he’s spot on. How can any one street have such awful dramas played out in their home every Christmas Day? It’s all too predictable.


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