More love to the blog

4 thoughts on “More love to the blog”

  1. Hello Ali, I could not agree more with your Blog, for a start I would never have met you if I had not embraced social media. There is a plethora of information out there and all from new friends living all over the world. Thank you for the mention too, maybe one day we will see you down here….have a great day! x


  2. Since my statement last week I have changed my mind. I WILL BE A BLOGGER! There, I’ve said it. Now I’ve got to do it. Turnaround came following morning spent reading countless writers and others blogs. And, having loaded a gallery of art on Facebook, found myself constantly dipping in to read what others have commented on my work when really I should have been writing Not time wasted, but a valuable few hours researching, learning and exploring. So thank you, Alison. Your words have not been wasted and I must make sure mine aren’t in the future.


  3. I so, so agree with you. Blogging has provided me with so much more than a reason to chat to a computer screen. I have not only made some real friends. I have also benefited professionally, including my most recent book which will be published in May of this year. I would never have been commissioned to write that book had I not made the relevant contacts through writing my blog…

    Oh yes, and thank you so much for the mention… and alongside the lovely Pauline too. I’m honoured. :-))


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