Why not all Writing Groups are Crap

2 thoughts on “Why not all Writing Groups are Crap”

  1. Enjoyed your post, Alison and interesting viewpoint from Louise. Can understand where she’s coming from after a bad experience I had with writing group in local library – group of pensioners with nothing else to do on a Tuesday. If you weren’t from the area or couldn’t remember the war they weren’t interested as that’s all they wrote and talked about. I moved on and glad I did. Now part of marvellous mixed group of well published writers and ever hopefuls who give constructive help and feedback and most of all support. They’ve all become good friends. So good groups are out there.


  2. Hi Kit
    You’ve reminded me I did have a brief encounter with a group that sounds like your first one many years ago and had completely forgotten about it! I think these are fine if you want company and a bit of writing therapy. It’s all about what you want to get out of it.


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