Academic e-books. What’s the problem?

4 thoughts on “Academic e-books. What’s the problem?”

  1. Thought provoking post, Alison. I have heard there will be a coloured Kindles before long. The worry I have with reference books being on Kindle it that it opens up a whole host of self-published reference books which are neither academically correct nor of suitable content to the age range of the reader. Suddenly everyone becomes an “expert”. A bit like Wikipedia, not to be trusted.


  2. I am a huge Kindle fan when it comes to reading fiction. With fiction, one reads from start to finish, often in bed or on public transport where the Kindle format is ideal. However, when it comes to non-fiction I much prefer a hard copy text. Aside from the illustrations issue, I feel that, on the whole, non-fiction is not read from beginning to end but is dipped into, referenced backwards & forward. All of these I find much easier to do with a real book. However I do like it if such books are available on Kindle format so I can download the sample and see if it is worth buying in hard copy.


    1. Hello Yvonne
      I agree Kindle is just not good for flicking back and forward – something I also do in fiction from time to time (mainly senior moments!) But yes, I love the facility to download samples which I did on PC before even buying the Kindle itself.
      Thanks for visiting!


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