As one door closes …

22 thoughts on “As one door closes …”

  1. Jaye and Anne
    Thanks so much for having a look – I can see it does rather buck a trend, but looking at some of the others I also wish I had spent a bit more time on the writing.
    Best wishes


  2. I liked all the connotations of the fridge door not shutting properly, and the sometimes insular view we have of the world – there’s a great big world out there to be discovered. At least, that’s what I took from this story.


  3. Hi all
    Thanks for your feedback.
    Allie, I agree it’s rather a limited outlook.
    Mytrickstergod, I’m afraid I just wasn’t in the mood for intense!
    Zan Marie – actually, I saw the fridge as being in Laur’as best interest – or maybe just nudging her to do what she already knew was best!


  4. This entry IS a refreshing change, AliB! Nicely done.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog. I appreciate the time you took away from your own work to judge. I’m enjoying my first campaign. LOVE meeting new people and seeing such different, unique styles of writing. Thanks again, AliB!


    1. Hi Tara – just read your story and liked it very much – hope it goes further!

      Dora – hi again, yes, such a huge variety of responses, even if there were quite a few portals and prison cells!

      Deana – thanks for visiting – I guess that fridge is what you want to make it!



    1. H damyanti
      Your blogfest sounds like a blast. Will mull it over before joining as I intend to devote this autumn to a new WIP. (Of course the Rule of three might actually help!)
      Thanks for the invite.


  5. Ali – what I love about this is the way you have used something as simple as a fridge door that won’t close as a catalyst for the MC to realize there is more in life for her and motivates her to move forward. Nicely done!


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