The (People’s) Friend

4 thoughts on “The (People’s) Friend”

  1. My Nan used to read People’s Friend, the Sunday Post (I think it must have been available in northern England) and the Weekly News. No idea why she used to read People’s Friend, she couldn’t knit to save her life!

    In a moment of madness I did consider submitting a story to them once, but it soon passed after I read a copy. I struggle to write happy ever after type of stuff anyway, and I don’t think any amount of tweaking would make my style fit theirs. Good luck with your piece though! I’ve heard they reject really quickly, so if you haven’t heard within a few days, you’re in with a chance. 🙂


  2. Hi Helen, thanks for dropping in. Like you I’m not usually the ‘happy ever after’ type and struggle to read through a whole issue of any mainstream women’s story magazine, but I do admire anyone who can write successfully for a given market, so thought it was worth a try.
    By the way my Granny didn’t knit much either!


  3. Just dropping in to wish you luck, Alison, and hope it finds favour. Short story writer I know adapts each of her stories to fit each different magazine she submits it to in the hope one will take it eventually. Usually works for her. Fingers crossed it does for you!


  4. Thanks Kit – yes, I’m sure it’s worth doing the research.I’m a great believer in getting the most out of anything I write!


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