Started early, wrote my blog

5 thoughts on “Started early, wrote my blog”

  1. Oh Alison, how well I know that feeling of being all written out. Since being home full time in Feb, I haven’t written one word to any of my novels. But I have been writing other things, blogs, interviews and articles, tweets and letters. So yes, you don’t have to write books to be a writer. And now, after so long, my fingers are itching to get back to the books. And wishing you every bit of good luck and success in 2012.


    1. Hi Kit
      I don’t know why those other things don’t feel like ‘real’ writing. – because we lke doing them? Because we don’t?
      Best of luck with everything next year – I’m sure some of those babies of yours will come home to roost.


  2. Yep, I’m feeling all written out too but I’ve also signed up for the Small Stones project so I’m going to be tweeting them and will probably incorporate them in a couple of blog posts and, like you so rightly say, that’s writing, isn’t it!


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