How I stubbed my toe on a sentence.

5 thoughts on “How I stubbed my toe on a sentence.”

  1. Hi Sue and Samir
    Glad you agree, although to be fair, the rest of the book was flawless. I keep wondering if I’m the one who got it wrong.
    Have a good weekend!


  2. It is the little things like a stubbed toe that definitely pulls the reader out of a story, no matter how good. Editing is even more important in self-publishing than ever before because things jump out at you and trip you up. Don’t know why but it probably self-publishing is still perceived as the poorer relation. But is not unique to self-publishing. I’ve tripped over things in traditionally published as well. As, no doubt, there’s the odd little stone hiding in my book too.


    1. Hi Kit
      I think that once I’m wrapped up in the story it matters less. But if I’m still feeling my way in, it might be enough to make me turn back. (Apologies for mixed metaphors!) AliB


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