Ta-da! A day out brings a happy beginning

13 thoughts on “Ta-da! A day out brings a happy beginning”

  1. Yes, great day wasn’t it, Alison? Very inspiring and motivational. And welcome to the LAHE family. It’s a great place to be and everyone is so supportive and encouraging. You’ll fit right in.

    Thanks for the ‘honour glug’ – I was thrilled to win the extract comp, especially when up against so many talented fellow LAHE writers.

    Glad to hear your plans for more keyboard bashing. It’s so easy to get distracted with all the other interesting and fascinating jobs we authors have to embrace. Happy, and successful, writing.


  2. Congratulations Ali, making me feel guilty about my lack of endeavour! Though I do have a rather lovely vegetable patch that I have been working on!!


  3. A great post that really sums up the energy of the day. I was so pleased to meet you in person, Ali. Congratulations on being selected to join the group as a featured author. Exciting times!


  4. Fully agree it was a great day and thrilled you are now one of the family. Onward and upward. Now, if only I could find some time to bash the keyboard – it’s feeling a bit neglected. Good times ahead!


  5. Hi Ali! So great to meet you at The Summer Audience and delighted you are to join us at Loveahappyending. It was such a fantastic day on Saturday that I’m still on a ‘high’ from it all. Exciting times indeed! xx


  6. ..oops – bit keen on the the send button there. What a fantastic day it was on Saturday and, as you say – so wonderful to meet other authors, it certainly feels less lonely out there now we are part of LAHE! Hope to see you around the sites and to be helpful if I can. Best wishes Emma x


  7. How terrific of you all to pitch up here today and apologies for being otherwise engaged. I hope you’ll all forgive me for typing a joint reply.

    Janice great to meet you and hear about how you came to writing – so harsh how they treated your first work of fiction!
    Helen – yes, great to meet at last and already enjoying being ‘one of the gang’.

    Emma – thanks for introducing yourself – I shall pop over to your blog soon as I touch down, as it were.

    Also thanks to Harriet, Kit, Mandy and those others who have been in touch. I am busy catching up with my following and friending.


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