Welcome Jean Burnett and Who Needs Mr. Darcy?

9 thoughts on “Welcome Jean Burnett and Who Needs Mr. Darcy?”

  1. Hi Ladies – I must say I always thught Ldia had a touch of the minx, or was that just Julia Sawalha? A fun read , anyway!
    Ali B


  2. Love the humour. Your Lydia is a wonderful character, Jean, a totally two-faced little madam! I wonder what Jane Austen would make of her? Do you think she’d be rather shocked or just nod her head?


  3. I love the excerpt. You’re a very funny writer, Jean. I’d LOVE to win a copy of the book, and my favourite piece was right at the beginning because it drew such a vivid picture with so few words:

    “I lowered my eyes so that she would not see the gleam in them at the prospect of a little scandal – anything that would lighten the atmosphere here at Pemberley. Spirits were higher on the battlefield at Waterloo.”



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