Turn of the Tide: Scottish history comes to life

3 thoughts on “Turn of the Tide: Scottish history comes to life”

  1. Also available Amazon / The Book Depository / good bookshops…
    PS I managed a screen shot of Capercaillie Books (amazingly for me)


  2. Hi Margaret – I was trying to copy your book cover from Capercaillie (love the name!) to avoid the amazon ‘look inside’ gubbins, but it doesn’t really matter. Great read from anywhere.


  3. Great blog, Alison, and great story, Margaret. I loved this book (am a total sucker for historical fiction, anyway) and particularly the way it pulls you in, slow at first but relentless. You’re waiting for something awful to happen, you know its coming, but not the where, when or how. And you just can’t stop reading till you get there! I agree that at first (and maybe because I’m not a Scot) the names and relationships need a bit of work and concentration, but the effort is well worth it. Well done, Margaret. I hope this novel brings you much-deserved success.


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