A Little Bit of Madness

8 thoughts on “A Little Bit of Madness”

  1. Love the excerpt. Simply must read this as soon as poss. And as for that cover…? You write great books, Sheryl and am sure this one will be equally as good and successful. Good luck, and thank you for interesting insight.


  2. Hahaha – I’m still laughing – what a wonderful excerpt. Right, yes, now I know I’ll love this book. Well done Sheryl – A Little Bit of Madness sounds right up my street!
    Janice xx


  3. LOVE the excerpt, can’t wait to read the whole thing. It sounds absolutely brilliant. Love the cover too, fabulous model. XX Good luck with everything, Sheryl, you deserve every success! XX Thanks to Ali for hosting. 🙂


  4. Oh, Ali, you much think me an ignorant guest! So sorry, juggling work and dog to vet this morn, I’ve only just seen this! Thank you so very much for hosting me (and showing me off soooo professionally!). Thank you, too, for my FAB review. I am so gald you enjoyed A Little Bit of Madness! Really, really appreciate you taking the time to review! You’re a total star! 🙂 xx


  5. Kit, Janice and Nicky – thank you so much for your fabulous support and stopping by to leave a comment! I am soooo glad you loved my excerpt. It’s always hard, unveiling your ‘work of art’ to the world (um, I am talking about the cover model, btw!!). People cheering you on is just the best feeling! 🙂 xx


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