Research – not always what you expect.

8 thoughts on “Research – not always what you expect.”

  1. I love Edinburgh and I can see how easy it would be to get sidetracked there. Glad the weather cooperated for you and that you were able to get some research done and find inspiration in it.

    Cheers! Or should that be slainte? 🙂


  2. Hi Melanie – good to catch up again. Harriet, I have started novel no.3 ‘the historical one’ and have got to 30,000 words but they are all somewhat provisional in nature. Still better than no words at all! Ali B


    1. Keep writing Ali. Today I’ve just been to a brilliant masterclass on writing a synopsis and elevator pitch and also – importantly because I’m very much mid-writing – a working synopsis, something I’ve never managed to do before!!


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