The unkindest cut of all. On being edited

2 thoughts on “The unkindest cut of all. On being edited”

  1. Ouch! Dodgy when you delegate a task to other people in a cooperative and then you don’t like the outcome. We don’t get much experience of being edited with short stories, although I have had some, and once withdrew from publication because of edits imposed on me. However I’ve got a post in draft on my blog celebrating good editing – through negotiation – relating to a short story I’ve got coming out next month. I guess if it were my novel with the publisher hopefully investing more in printing and promotion I’d be more willing to do as I was told.
    Anyway, hope your group manages to survive this and you do well with the anthology.


    1. Thanks – I’m sure it will be fine. The edits aren’t too crucial, just the odd irritation which I may grow out of. But I do think it will be interesting to see how we all deal with the process – unless I’m the only one who’s been given work to do 😉
      Ali B


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