Bristol Women Writers and Unchained

7 thoughts on “Bristol Women Writers and Unchained”

  1. Hello!
    I am a Bristolian writer of poetry. I would love to come along on 23rd. If you could send me an invitation (two would be better!) I shall make sure I’m there!

    Hilary Willmott


      1. Hi Ali

        Thank you for your reply. I was very much looking forward to coming along on Wednesday evening, but have just been reliably informed I promised to attend a Birthday dinner! I am really sorry I will miss your event, but I would like to be kept advised of what you are all up to and perhaps meeting up at some point?

        Kind regards



      2. Hi Ali

        Thank you for the invitation, however, I am on holiday for the next two weeks. Hopefully I will catch up with you shortly thereafter.

        Kind regards

        Hilary W


  2. Thank you for a lovely evening, celebrating 400 years of libraries in Bristol. Great to see that both Bristol Central Library and it’s branch libraries have provided such inspiration for local writers.


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