Poetry – good for the soul (and, actually, the pocket)

2 thoughts on “Poetry – good for the soul (and, actually, the pocket)”

  1. Haha, now there’s a good Scottish take on poetry – value for money!

    I’ve started reading Shirley Wright’s poetry collection also, and am dawdling to make it last because I am enjoying them so much. The ones I’ve read so far are absolutely beautiful.

    Like you, Ali, I usually head for novels and short stories rather than poetry, but I was recently advised by the poet/novelist/creative thinking coach Orna Ross that reading a poem a day is a valuable exercise for any writer, and I have to agree – and it’s especially soothing at bedtime (provided you pick the right kind of poems, of course!)

    By the way, (trying not to sound too much like Amazon here), if you like Shirley Wright’s poems, I think you’d also enjoy “Open Window” by the late Joyce Williams – her husband David published it postbumously (via SilverWood Books) as a tribute to her, and he is now active on the local poetry circuit giving readings, and I think he and Shirley have crossed paths at some of these. (They had a chat at the “Unchained” launch – another book on my to-review list!)


    1. Thanks for the recommendation, Debbie. I do enjoy poetry readings but in a different way from reading alone. I had heard some of Shirley’s poems before (lucky me!) but found the impact was quite different when I started on the book.
      Ali B


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