Asking for trouble? Breaking the golden rule of first drafts

6 thoughts on “Asking for trouble? Breaking the golden rule of first drafts”

  1. Really helpful piece from AG – but, it’s how she works, which isn’t how everyone works. Do what you’re comfortable with and ignore everyone else. Hope Bath is useful for your writing. [sometimes just a day out is helpful, I find!]


  2. Thanks both – seemed like a good opportunity (although not sure how long I actually get) and hoping I am now big enough to deal with anything negative that crops up. Tutors are from Bath Spa Uni – somewhere that has positive vibes for me. Of course they may just try to recruit me for their MA course! Ali B


  3. Thank you, Ali, for this post from AG. I agree with Janette – it’s how she does it – and there are no rules… we just have to find out our own. I did find it helpful – that stuff about keeping going and remembering the first draft will change. Good luck with your ‘mid-term review’. I do hope it inspires you to continue and is not off-putting. You describe so well how easy it is to be knocked off course.


    1. Hi Harriet
      I think the trick is to use what we’re given in the right way. that probably takes some learning in itself. Hope you are making progress with your own WIP. . Ali B


      1. Like what Ted Hughes said ‘The poet’s only hope is to be infinitely sensitive to what his gift is, and this in itself seems to be another gift that few poets possess.’ My WIP very scary at the moment… ‘sagging middle’ understates it!!!


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