#Nanowrimo2019 – what’s the point?

2 thoughts on “#Nanowrimo2019 – what’s the point?”

  1. Enjoyed this. Nano is a great talking point. Some writers seem to do it every year. If I tried Nano I’d never get it done – the garden would need ‘putting to bed for the winter’ or some comparable thing… lik ebeingin the middle of writing something which I do not want to abandon in order to begin another. Or, I’d be as usual, putting chores first – not because I procrastinate but because for some weird impulse to get the dull jobs done before I allow myself to sit down and be creative… On the other hand, I’m a sucker for editing -I love that part!


    1. Hi Mari
      I think I have always been terrified of the whole concept! but this time I did have an idea for a book in mind and as it’s historical a few characters lined up. As for chores etc, I’m happy to have an excuse to ignore them – although the approach of Christmas is another matter.


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