Intermission: COVID and the new normal

5 thoughts on “Intermission: COVID and the new normal”

  1. You have excellently caught the thoughts of how I am sure many of us are feeling at the moment, that “we’re almost there, but not quite” and “let’s just step back, take a deep breath, and wait and see.” I certainly hope the new normal, ie queuing to go into a shop – it was bad enough before having to queue at a checkout! etc – will not be with us too long. We need to return to normality, to life as we knew it, and to move forward with hope instead of fear.


  2. I appreciate this, but as usual I am out of step! This ‘new normal” is, to my mind, an extension of what has been ‘normal’ for the past few months, and the future pattern has not yet arrived (as I think you imply), however (and maybe this is my ‘coping mechanism’) I am dealing with it by not running towards the future, or desiring to go back into what used to be. Living day to day has come to me (not because I invited it!) . Brexit and all its long drawn out approach de-normalised what we’d always known – and that froze my creativity. Lockdown created a kind of peace while all that was hidden away. Have been able to work. Maybe treating this as normal in any form is useless since it won’t be like this – it will be different, but it is not here yet. Though the traffic has partially returned, and kids or grandkids back to school etc, this is not, I believe, a state of permanence but of being in the ante room of change, queueing, which is possibly why it feels as disheartening as it does?


    1. Hi Clare – I don’t think we are very far apart – possibly you have just thought it through a bit better!


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