All change!

A heavy cold has kept me glued to the computer and so I’ve gone ahead with the changes. Hope that you like the new title and the new version of Chapter 1 (though only the eagle-eyed may spot the differences!) Thanks also to those who have inspired me to go ahead with the latest revisions, … Continue reading All change!

Leaner and Fitter?

According to a newspaper report, standing up from time to time to ‘potter around’ is as good for fitness as a trip to the gym.  This is a matter of great relief to those of us who like to take a break from writing every hour or so and have no intention of going near a running … Continue reading Leaner and Fitter?

Love IT or Hate IT

… is the title of an article I submitted a year ago to the recently revamped RNA magazine Romance Matters. At the time I was told they already had a writer for  articles on I.T., and although they did ask me to write a short piece on websites, I thought no more about my original (and … Continue reading Love IT or Hate IT