Bristol Women Writers

Eighteen months ago, I heard about Bristol Women Writers, and when I was lucky enough to be invited along, I was immediately impressed by the experience and commitment of the members. These are all writers who are good enough to be published – and most of them have been in some form or other.  I was nervous for the first few … Continue reading Bristol Women Writers

Peer reviewing

Earlier this year I spent some time with You Write On, the Arts Council site for peer-reviewing. It is interesting and potentially useful, though I found the reviewing time-consuming and sometimes tedious, with submissions of  6,000 – 10,000 words to get through for every review received, many of which seemed to be sci-fi or fantasy, … Continue reading Peer reviewing

A Wiki called Culture

Google Alerts service continues to throw up the odd item of interest for my Carte de Tendre search. This week it was an entry on Jahsonic, a cross cultural blog, which seems to focus particularly on the erotic or downright sexual. The author tells us that the map is seen as a representation of the … Continue reading A Wiki called Culture