The plot thickens (and frustrates)

2 thoughts on “The plot thickens (and frustrates)”

  1. Oh I do sympathise. I think creating a linear plot (however twisted the line is) is a spatial thing, and one needs a slightly mathematically orientated brain, which doesn’t always coincide with a facility for creating convincing character and mood. It’s why I know I will never write a novel (and have never even attempted to do so!) It’s not necessarily a male/female thing, of course, but it does make me wonder (fresh from having read another Maggie O’Farrell, so it’s a question I’ve been pondering anyway) whether women are more likely to take the multi-layered, impressionistic approach to constructing a narrative than men? And maybe this is why I find sinking into a good detective novel, in which plot reigns supreme, can be quite ‘cleansing’ occasionally, in my reading diet? Gosh, so much food for thought. I don’t envy you your task!


  2. Definitely agree on the maths thing – a subject I always hated! Not so sure about man/woman, though an interesting thought. My best plot ever (though not sure if I followed it all!) is ‘Fingersmith’ by Sarah Waters, and I find Rankin (one of my few detective reads) sometimes less ‘plot-filled’ than you would expect. Kate Atkinson, I think, could out-plot him any day!


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