Song and Story: a lightbulb moment on Radio 2. #writingtips #writerscraft #showdonttell

I don’t suppose it’s surprising that composing in different artistic genres and media should be simialr but these things always catch me unawares. Like on Sunday when I was half-listening to Elaine Page on Radio 2 interviewing songwriter Steven Schwartz. When he alluded to songs which tell a story successfully, something he also tries to … Continue reading Song and Story: a lightbulb moment on Radio 2. #writingtips #writerscraft #showdonttell

The way you tell ’em

Can you tell a joke? I find it’s not that easy. You heard this particular joke a while back. It’s a good joke and  you think you remember how it goes and so off you go. ‘Listen to this one,’ you say. But half way through you realise it’s not going to work because you’ve somehow given … Continue reading The way you tell ’em

Of snow and spreadsheets

I’ve only ever read one title from Snowbooks (it could have been two but a gargantuan tome on Schuman defeated me)and that’s the admirable Needle in the Blood, but I do think their blog is excellent. There’s something added every day (including weekends!) and it’s always worth a look. Tuesday was no exception with Emma … Continue reading Of snow and spreadsheets