Ship-ahoy! Summer fun at Brunel’s SS Great Britain @ssgreatbritain #summerspectacular

We first came to Bristol way back in the 70s, not long after Brunel’s SS Great Britain had been rescued and towed all the way back from the Falkland Islands. Like Concorde it was very much part of our new neighbourhood. Since then we’ve seen the ship restored to her former glory and now transformed … Continue reading Ship-ahoy! Summer fun at Brunel’s SS Great Britain @ssgreatbritain #summerspectacular

What price the 70s?

This week I entered a self-publisher’s competition which involved reading other people’s novels. As a marketing ploy I thought this wouldn’t work at all. I skim read like mad, searching for the answers to the relevant questions and paying little heed to the writing. The chance of my forking out for any of these books was … Continue reading What price the 70s?

Nostalgia Trip

I’m not sure exactly what pleases me about this photo taken last Monday on the Thames at East Molesey but something does. Maybe it conveys the rather grey day but also the exceptional quiet to be found messing about on the river, even right next to a busy road, not to mention the entrance to … Continue reading Nostalgia Trip