Although we often visit family in West Suffolk, this is the first time we have made it as far as the coast. With luck and the weather on our side we had a great day in Southwold. August? Busy? Obviously, but in a good way. Lots of smiling faces as children frolicked in the waves … Continue reading Coasting

To boldly go

When writer friend Nicola Bennetts took a trip to Peru two years ago, it wasn’t just to see the sights but to find out about the work done there by Christian Aid and other charities. Her account of the expedition made fascinating listening for our writers’ group through most of last winter, but when she decided to publish … Continue reading To boldly go

Self-publish and be …?

Say the word ‘self-publishing’ in a room of writers and it’s a fair bet a lively skirmish will break out, if not an all-out war. Since I’m just giving technical help to a friend, I don’t have to make a  decision on the pros, cons rights and wrongs, but Nathan Bransford’s post on questions to … Continue reading Self-publish and be …?