2 thoughts on “Coasting”

  1. I enjoyed your talk of Southwold, having spent over 17 years living in Lowestoft and Kessingland before we moved away. I was also very interested in your words on self publishing and would very much like to talk further with you if possible. I have self published through Authors on Line and would like to pass on any tips and learn from other self publishers. Thanks for a lovely Blog.
    Hope we can talk soon


    1. Hello Pauline, thanks for visiting – I enjoyed having a quick look at your website and blog. I don’t actually intend self-publishing myself at the moment and so don’t have much experience. I’m just interested in the possibilities as well as the pitfalls. Do email me (or Tweet!) if there was anything in particular you wanted to discuss.
      Loved Southwold by the way and am determined to see more of the Suffolk coast.


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